Company Policy

Crescent Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd as supply, overhaul, repair, refurbish of mechanical rotating equipment and manpower supply service provider is committed to implement QSHE Integration Management System and to fulfil all the applicable product, customer, legal & other requirements with the aim to ensure satisfaction of interested parties. (Customer, Authority, Neighbor & Stakeholder) by creating a corporate culture for the overall well-being of the employees and the community.

In order to achieve the policy, we are committed to the following:

Managed and manned by qualified professionals in this field, CESB prides
herself with capabilities responsive to the changing demand of the times.

  • To promote the QHSE awareness among staff, workers, business
    associates and other interested parties.
  • To protect environment, prevent incidents, injury, ill health and pollution through systematic risk identification, assessment, control procedure and training.
  • To set objectives and review periodically.
  • To strictly adhered to all procedures and continually improve the Integration Management System and quality of products and service.
  • To ensure job awarded are delivered on time with best quality.
  • To ensure use, possession or trafficking in drugs is strictly prohibited.
  • No employee shall be under the influence of drugs or carry such drugs & alcohol while performing work
  • To arrive towards a Zero Life loss
  • All employees recognizing their responsibility to health, safety, environment, and the community. Management recognizing their responsibility and accountability for health, safety, and environment achievements