Beijing Aerospace Propulsion Institute

As a supplier of innovative sealing technology products, interseal has concentrated on the manufacture of seals, sealing components and valves for applications in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. They also specialize in solutions to individual sealing problems in the design and engineering fields.

Automatic Recirculation Control Valve (ARC Valve)

Labyrinth Control Valve

Wedge within Wedge Gate Valve

Venturi-Type Flash Angle Control Valve

Cage Guided Valve

Pressure Reducer and Attemperator

Piston Diverter Valve

Blowdown Valve

Quick-close Damping Check Valve

Labyrinth Control Valve

Hydraulic Angle Valve

Flame Arrester

Rotating Disc Valve

Hydraulic Survivor Valve

Choke Valve

Disc Valve

Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves

Transfer Line Valve (TLV)/Decoking Valve (DV)

Controlled Recirculation Valve

Eccentric Rotating Valve

Pressure Trap

Quick-close Damping Check Valve

Automatic Return Valve

Flush Bottom Valve


Survivor Control Valve