Dry Gas Seal Refurbishment and Testing

Dry gas seals are and is still considered as the standard sealing technology between the process gas and lubrication systems in centrifugal compressors. Dry gas seals are in the positive seal class and have the same basic design features as mechanical face seals, with one significant difference. The dry gas seal has shallow grooves cut in the rotating seal face located part way across the face.

CESB offered a full complete Repair & Refurbishment of the Dry Gas Seal from dismantling the DGS, refurb, testing and installing the DGS at site. CESB can also provide a “like-to-like” replacement with effective price.

Services Offered

  • Dry Gas Seal full complete inspection
  • Re-lap, Calibrating and Regrooving
  • Replacement Parts to Specification
  • Spin Test on Mating Ring
  • Stack Up Rotating Unit and Balancing
  • Dry Gas Seal Static and Dynamic test